Máster en Asesoría Fiscal

UCA, Universidad de Cádiz

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The Master has top-level business partners to ensure the quality of training in order to crystallise the theoretical knowledge acquired by the student. The characteristics thereof are:

There is the exceptional possibility that a student who is working in a company which could meet the minimum requirements (eg, in the case of tax consultants who are discharged from the Spanish Association of Tax Consultants, who can evidence their experience in tax matters etc.) will be able to carry out their internship in the same company.

With regard to those students who opt to carry out research in order to obtain the degree, subject to the approval of the Masters' Directors, they should select a topic for their research and will be allocated a tutor to assist their development. The paper will not have a minimum nor a maximum length (the usual is about 20-25 pages, double spaced) and will be judged on its quality.