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FUECA is responsible for the management of the admission process. More information can be obtained through www.fueca.org or from formacion@fueca.es.

If you have an academic query, plea contact the Masters director at the following address alfonso.mas@uca.es.

In order for your application to be considered the minimum requirement is a university degree. It is compulsory to enclose a CV with your application. Senior students in the last year of the following degrees may also enroll (it being a precondition that in order to obtain the title of Masters Degree they should have completed of their other studies prior to September 2017).

The maximum number of vacancies for the eighth edition will be 25 in the Masters and 5 expert studies and 5 in the tax training courses.

Acceptance and Registration

Tuition fees:

20% of the course fees will be paid upon prescription and upon registration for the title of Master or Diploma a further 30%, with a further payment the following  (25%) and the final the following (25%). The entire amount may be paid at enrolment.

Tuition for the eighth Edition (academic year 2016-2017):

Continuing education courses

A maximum of 22 ECTS credits can be taken per year.

The completion of all training courses, even in different academic courses, provided that appropiate test have been successtully completed as well as the application module in order to complete de 60 ECTS credits, will be also entitled to the official Master's Degree qualification.